Johannes Gerl

PD Player Artist, Barista

I love pixels. I really do.
Red ones, Blue ones
and even the Greenish.
They`ve been around for
as long as I can think back.
They are my friends. Sometimes.

I can change their colors.
Dim them. Poke them around.
Make them glim, shine, shout & dance.

This is what I do for a living.
Lovely. Isn`t it?



Moritz Krappel

Preset Artist

Hi, I’m Moritz.

With over 15 years experience
in both film and commercial industry
I tackled almost every challenge
you can think of.
Since I’m a VFX TD
I’m involved in every productionstep
but my core competence is rigging and simluation
as well as problemsolving, prototyping
and other technical stuff.


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Our Office

We're located on the beautiful waterside of the Isar river. Surrounded by a lot of green and a Biergarten right next door.


Powerful workstations custom-built for demanding Simulations and GPU Rendering | Software Licenses ( Redshift, Houdini FX, Maya, PS, etc. ) | Backup Solutions ( tape, web )

VR Setup

2x htc VIVE | 2 x Racing rigs /w Motionplatform

3D Prototyping suite

Photogrammetry Setup | 3D Printer